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Corporate Promotion

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  • Corporate Promotion/ Sponsorship/ Ads


  • The BACC offers a number of smart and effective marketing opportunities for its members and select others
  • Promote and enhance your company's visibility through advertising in our viral e-mail campaigns, periodic newsletters, or on our website which continuously increases its number of visitors
  • Reach out to over 3,400 key contacts that are Bolivia centric from 210 globally-minded companies representing more than 22 countries
  • Member companies have the opportunity to use the BACC network to initiate, organize and promote their own events for all members
  • We work closely with our members to customize presentations, seminars, breakfasts, luncheons, or any program to optimize their involvement and experience in doing business with Bolivia
  • Sponsor a BACC event
  • The BACC offers members the opportunity to connect with major Bolivian and U.S. media outlets to enhance the marketing of their services

If you require additional information please contact or call +1.212.729.1665

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